Disability Awareness Training

Enhance The UK work with you to achieve your inclusion goals. We are a charity run by disabled people, challenging perceptions and providing fun and educational disability awareness training. Join us in creating a society where disability is viewed for the better.

With years of experience of working with public, private, and not for profit organisations our disability awareness training is hailed as the best in the country. Experienced, intuitive and approachable our team will help you create an accessible and inclusive environment for customers, colleagues and partners.

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Do you need to:

  • Meet the legal requirements of disability discrimination legislation such as the Equality Act (2010)
  • Ensure that staff have the confidence and the know how to appropriately communicate with and best support disabled people?
  • Plan inclusive and accessible events
  • Ensure that your business environment, policies, and procedures are accessible
  • Check that your internal and external communication is reflective of best practice accessibility guidelines, tone and terminology
  • Become disability confident
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase staff retention and disability disclosure
  • Embed inclusion into the ethos of your organisation

Our clients

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Our commitments to our clients

We are a charity and any profit from disability awareness training and services are used towards our charitable aims.

Clear and competitive pricing structure for renowned training and services which deliver results and offer fantastic value for money.

We’ll deliver the highest quality training in an interactive and engaging manner. 100% of participants said our training met or exceeded expectations with 96% giving it top marks.

Training and services are tailor made to meet your needs. We are flexible in how we work – virtually and face to face.

All of our trainers are disabled and have undergone a rigorous recruitment process. Learn from their life experience and personal insight.

We deliver services in a supportive, warm and friendly manner and build ongoing positive relationships with our clients

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