About Enhance the UK

We’re Enhance the UK, it’s nice to meet you!

Enhance the UK is a charity run by disabled people. Our aim is to change the way people view disability, which often involves removing the ‘fear factor’ that so often surrounds the subject. We support businesses to be more inclusive by providing disability awareness training, British Sign Language workshops and accessibility audits, amongst other things

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About Disability

Education is key

When people talk about disability access, they’re usually thinking about building work, such as putting in a ramp or an accessible toilet. But its more than this. Things ranging from the importance of Deaf and disability awareness in the workplace, to inclusive employment practices are as important, if not more.

Approaching Disability

It all starts with attitude

When people see someone struggling with a disability, they are often scared or frightened of offending them which means they will say or do nothing. We would like to take away the fear factor, so that non disabled people are not afraid to communicate with disabled people.

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