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British Sign Language (BSL) is the signed language of the Deaf community in the UK. It’s a totally different language to English and involves a combination of hand shapes, facial expressions, lip patterns and body language. If you’d like to be more accessible to Deaf BSL users our British Sign Language training for organisations is the ideal solution.

All training is delivered by experienced deaf trainers who make sure that the sessions are friendly, engaging, and enjoyable.

Our courses

Please note unfortunately we are not able to run courses for individuals.

It’s important to us that you can book a course that will meet your requirements and that is why we provide tailored courses. There are multiple ways in which courses can be delivered in an efficient, appropriate and cost effective way.

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Some examples of courses we offer are:

Face to Face Deaf awareness and very basic introduction to BSL course

This is a 3.5 hour course suitable for up to 16 delegates. The course will be delivered at your venue by an experienced trainer. By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Understand the myths that surround hearing loss
  • Know ways to effectively communicate with people who are D/deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Be able to identify potential barriers to engagement and participation for people with hearing loss and ways in which these can be overcome.
  • Understand the cultural model of Deafness and the importance of this when engaging with the Deaf community
  • Know that BSL is a complex language in it’s own right and the difference between BSL and Makaton.
  • Identify good practice when working alongside BSL interpreters
  • Be able to greet someone in BSL
  • Use fingerspelling to introduce themselves.

Cost £900

Introduction to BSL Course

Our introduction to BSL course will provide your staff with basic BSL skills to communicate with Deaf people.

It can be delivered either by a full day of face to face training at your venue, or by weekly 1 hour virtual sessions.

They will learn how to:

  • greet someone in BSL
  • use fingerspelling to introduce themselves
  • hold a brief conversation with a Deaf person
  • recognise and apply basic grammatical structures in BSL

Duration of course 6 hours.

Cost £1400.

Basic BSL for the workplace

Our basic BSL for the workplace course will give your staff the skills they need to:

  • greet and take leave of someone appropriately
  • fingerspell names of people and places
  • Give and receive basic information at work
  • Give, ask for and understand information in relation to time, money and the
  • Understand ways in which the structure of BSL differs from English.

Duration of the course: 18 hours

This course can be delivered in many different ways which will impact on the cost of the course. Please book in a consultation with us to find out more.

Our clients


The courses are very interactive and therefore numbers are limited to 16.

Yes, our trainers travel to your workplace or a venue of your choice.

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