Services: Accessibility Audit, Disability Awareness Training
“West Ham United Foundation approached Enhance the UK to conduct an independent audit of our current activity. We have a new vision to be a truly inclusive organisation and we needed to understand where we were and what steps we needed to take going forward. The process from start to finish was incredibly professional and throughout the audit we were supported and most definitely challenged!

Jennie and Emily tackled us head on and made the whole team feel at ease in what could have potentially been an unsettling experience. The training they delivered has received very positive feedback and we are now looking working with them on next year’s action plan which we are very excited to get started”

West Ham United Foundation

“The Disability Awareness Training provided by Enhance the UK, was a really valuable use of a day”
Jodie Bowles, Associate Director

Services: Accessibility Audit, Disability Awareness Training
Services: Disability Awareness Training
“Just spent a day with Gem and Em as part of the Northern Rail training as a new conductor. I can honestly say it’s been the best days training I’ve done for any employer. Informative, interactive, honest open discussion. I feel far more prepared to confidently meet the needs of our customers after a few simple pointers. I’d recommend the day to ANY employers who value their staff and customers.

Well done to Northern as well for investing to make sure they give their employees the knowledge they need. So much more worthwhile than an A4 handout discussed for 2 minutes as an afterthought, as has been the case at several (large) companies I have worked for before….

Thanks Gem and Em, I wish you every success in the future, you’re both doing amazing work for such a worthwhile cause”

Tom Varlow, Conductor

Northern Rail

“I think it’s phenomenal and everyone should do it!”
Jodie Bowles, Associate Director

Services: Accessibility Audit, Disability Awareness Training
“Thank you Jennie and Emily​ for a fantastic day with staff from Hovertravel, the buzz around the business is immense. Not only did you empower the staff to feel more confident with supporting passengers with disabilities did it in such a way that will be remembered for a long time. What a fun, interactive enlightening training session.

I look forward to working with you again. Thank you.”

Andrew Ross, HR Manager

Hover Travel

“I can honestly say that the training I attended with Jennie was the only time I have enjoyed “disability awareness training”. It was inspiring, informative, fun, interesting….I could go on.

In fact I enjoyed it that much that I arranged for my team to attend a session too. What confirmed to me that it was brilliant was when two of my team actually thanked me for arranging it, I have to say that was a first! So thank you Jennie, James and Liz for educating us in your unique way.”

Nicola Parker, London Fire Brigade, Youth Engagement Manager

London Fire Brigade

Services: Accessibility Audit, Disability Awareness Training

“Enhance the UK provided our year 10 students a thoroughly engaging and highly interesting day centred mainly on body image and how we perceive beauty. Every single student was totally engrossed by each workshop which was delivered by a group of extremely personable, warm and friendly people.

Enhance the UK are a unique set of trainers who were able to broaden minds and allowed students to question what really matters in their lives without being manipulated by the portrayal of beauty in the media. All the girls were keen to chat with the trainers on a one to one basis, with many of the trainers handing out contact information to offer on-going advice and support to the students.

I would recommend Enhance the UK to any school; we are already planning when the company can visit again to run more fascinating and motivating workshops.”

Lisa Geddes

Folkstone Girls School Tent

“James and Jennie are very inspiring and articulate people, and ran the session at the right pace, communicating issues to us in a way that helped us to understand them rather than being confrontational. I’ll be a lot more confident in assisting a disabled person in future, which for me made the workshop really worthwhile.”

Julie Littlefield, Policy and Campaigns Team


Services: Accessibility Audit, Disability Awareness Training

“On behalf of all of the staff at Forsbrook Primary I would like to say a huge thanks for the training received tonight. It was such a refreshing change to undergo training which is so practical rather than sitting watching a PowerPoint.

I am sure that all of our staff would agree that your knowledge and expertise will help us greatly in this area and we now feel much more confident that we are doing a great job for our children.

Once again many thanks and we look forward to working with you agin in the future.”

Nicky Danylyk, Assistant Head

Forsbrook Primary School

“I found the training incredibly valuable, it totally raised my awareness in my workplace and home life”
Orlagh Muldoon, Programmer for Schools

Services: Accessibility Audit, Disability Awareness Training

“I had always been a bit nervous around people with disabilities, thinking i’m going to do or say the wrong thing. The disability training I attended really changed my perspective and gave me the confidence to approach and support people with disabilities without fear that I am going to offend someone.

The session was really informative, fun, insightful and it was a joy to be part of a refreshingly new style of training. Jennie and her team’s passion & commitment resonates through their training sessions and it was a privilege to attend.”

Kazem Beaton, Supporter Donations Manager

Macmillan Cancer Support