1. The venue is everything.

If you are meeting with a wheelchair user regarding a potential project, or even inviting the team out for post work drinks, there’s a few things you should be thinking about to ensure it runs smoothly.

2. Parking and Public Transport.

Wheelchair users don’t just have to think about a venue; how they’re going to get to said location is just as important. Regardless of where you meet, make sure that there’s accessible parking and/or an accessible tube station or bus stop nearby. If all else fails, a taxi could be an option.  If you happen to be ordering this for the wheelchair user, please make sure it has any necessary accessible facilities to suit their needs.

3. We all need to go!

Accessible Bathrooms should be a big factor in your venue consideration. Everyone gets nervous before a meeting or interview. There’s NOTHING worse than being unable to relieve yourself because the tiny toilet cubicle is inaccessible.

4. Allow time.

We live in a very fast world but when meeting with a wheelchair user try and leave a bit more time in your diary. It’s nothing to do with sympathy; it will just allow them time to get a coffee, freshen up and settle without feeling it’s a race! Especially if you’ve chosen a busy location, they can’t squeeze through the crowd as quickly as others!

5. Anything you’re unsure of?

Just ask! Chances are, the wheelchair user will be able to tell you everything you need to know, and will know what assistance they might require much better than you will (and that’s more than okay!) That just leaves you time to prepare for the perfect meeting, conference or soiree. Good luck!

…And now you know these hints and tips, make sure you put them into action and share them with your colleagues and friends.  Accessibility and inclusion is so much sweeter when we don’t have to ask for it to be implemented.

For more information about how we can support your business and workforce check out our disability awareness training and accessibility audits.

A meeting with a wheelchair user in an office environment. 4 people sit on chairs around a desk, at the top of the table is a wheelchair user.

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