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Enhance The UK’s CEO Jennie Williams offers practical tips and advice on video conferencing with deaf colleagues. You may be new to remote working and feeling a little anxious about keeping employees up to speed as COVID19 impacts day to day life. Or perhaps you’re used to video conferencing and unaware of the accessibility challenges it poses for staff with hearing impairments. Watch the video above for Jennie’s excellent tips for video conferencing with deaf colleagues.


1 in 7 people have a hearing impairment so subtitles play an important role in accessibility. For anyone currently working from home with children, animals and other distractions, subtitles are going to be invaluable too.

Watch the video for Jennie’s tips and then head over to our Accessible Video Conferencing article for more detail on accessible software. We’ve done research on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. Please share this information with your networks. If you’ve software suggestions to add, do let us know.

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